We offer first class service for all envelope rehabilitation, restoration of heritage buildings and the installation of new masonry cladding in industrial, institutional and commercial areas.
With it's nearly 40 years of existence, the Maçonnerie A.S.P. company is proud to be a benchmark in the restoration of Montreal's and it's surroundings built heritage (residential, commercial, religious). Since it's beginnings, Maçonnerie A.S.P. has gained an enviable position within the industry and has become a loyal partner of general contractors and construction professionals (architects and engineers). Respectful of traditions, architectural heritage and the rules of the art, our artisans and workers combine their know-how, acquired on ancestral buildings and on new realizations carried out. Thanks to the latest techniques and new materials, they offer you the best in terms of quality masonry work and other related work. Holders of a Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) general contractor and specialized contractor license, we can take care of a building's envelope restoration and thus carry out your project with the collaboration of our faithful partners, suppliers and subcontractors. Whether you want to preserve a building or stone art piece, build a new masonry facing or create a simple interior blocks partition, trust our team and get the A.S.P. service : Attentive, Safe and Professional! The company's origins lie in the association of three co-workers during the summer of 1979: J. André Angrignon, Raymond Sévigny and the late Pierre P. Palardy. These three entrepreneurs joined forces and founded Maçonnerie A.S.P., located on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in northern Montreal. Hardworking and quality-conscious workers, the three partners quickly set up the foundations for the reputation enjoyed by Maçonnerie A.S.P. today. Several sons and daughters of the first employees are still members of the "A.S.P. family" and over the years, spouses and children have joined them. All definitely contribute in perpetuating the tradition of work well done in respect of the company's values and the founders' leitmotiv of "restoring the past and building the future". Maçonnerie A.S.P. carries out all types of building envelope repair work, the restoration of heritage buildings and the installation of new masonry cladding in the industrial, institutional and commercial sectors. Faithful partners of general contractors and construction professionals (architects and engineers), Maçonnerie A.S.P. enhances the reliability and stability of buildings to maximize safety and useful life. "Restoring the past and building the future"
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Restoration of stones and siding or new construction:








Nathalie Angrignon, President



Éric Schwen, Director of Operations


THE TEAM AT MAÇONNERIE ASP (2006) INC. Attentive, Safe and Professional!

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Be it for an emergency intervention to eliminate a dangerous condition or for a multi-month restoration job, Maçonnerie A.S.P. is able to fill your needs efficiently. We can help you in realizing your jobs within your budget and time limits.


The contract's mode can be a fixed-price contract or a cost-plus contract (time and materials), depending on what is best for the situation. Competitive rates and full transparency will facilitate your management and make your projects pay without sacrificing work quality.


Call on us for a technical expertise or for your needs in the following areas:

•  Exploration openings and tactile inspections (Québec bill 122) ;

•  Maintenance of siding (surface or in-depth repointing) ;

•  Preventive maintenance programs (PMP) ;

•  Replacement of stones or portion of stone (shim) or damaged bricks ;

•  Repair and consolidation of structural masonry walls (stone, brick, terra cotta) ;

•  Grouting (cement slurry) and epoxy injection ;

•  Repair and restoration of stones (cracking, delamination, bursting, spalling) ;

•  Repair of brick cladding (cracking or bursting) ;

•  Facing re-anchoring (Cintec, Helifix, Hilti or others) ;

•  Repairing or replacing stone stairs and courtyards ;

•  And all the other work related to these jobs.

The metropolitan area is rich in historic buildings, monuments and religious buildings that are a beautiful legacy of our heritage. However with the passage of time and our harsh climatic conditions, some of these treasures are in great need of maintenance and restoration work.


Each of our restoration projects is a new challenge, we are always upgrading and adapting our techniques for each project's needs. We have a good knowledge of the products used in restoration and our employees receive the training necessary in order to properly apply the various elements and products. Our company is accredited for the application of the products "JAHN", "NEOSTONE", "CONSTEC" and "CINTEC" which are increasingly used in restoration.

Our company's expertise enables us to carry out all types of work using bricks, concrete blocks, terra cotta tiles, glass blocks, fieldstone or guillotine cut stone, dressed stone, granite, limestone and prefabricated concrete elements.


The personnel responsible for working on construction sites numbers approximately 60 men and women, assigned to several projects in the metropolitan area. For masonry work on new constructions, we have the necessary resources to establish the estimates, manage the orders and handle the various technical aspects required for the start-up of new construction sites.